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Gametamin is a company specialising in designing and producing mobile games with a base in Singapore. From the love of games, always wanting to conquer the interesting, hard-level game, logic but relaxing, this is the seed that makes up the presence of Gametamin today. Experience and desire from the user’s position have helped the founder know their needs and find the way to meet them through games.

Our mission is to bring the best value to users of all ages with different styles, anytime, anywhere. Convenience, flexibility but fun is what we aim for.

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How we work

Clarity, Discipline & Consistency

Our clarity shines through in our goals, orientation, and strategies. Consistency in mission-driven action focuses our energy to overcome any challenges.

Flexibility and brave

We ensure flexible and timely responses to team operations and development. Our courage stems from a positive spirit, calmly devising solutions, and driving effective changes to achieve everything together.

Global Team

With what we have: passion, enthusiasm, spirit to conquer challenges, and the best preparation in all aspects, we are always ready to develop and integrate into the global world which is always fluctuating and changing.