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the World of Innovation with Puzzle Game

Passion is showcased through meticulously crafted artwork and engaging gameplay in our puzzle game. With a focus on delivering the best possible experience for our players, we pay attention into every detail.

Our game seamlessly blends classic gameplay with modern twists, delivering a captivating experience that captivates players worldwide. The innovation lies in the fun and challenging puzzles that have propelled its success.

More than 2 millions of delighted players from across the globe have experienced the excitement of the authentic ‘Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle’ game.


Intuitive user interface

Users can navigate the game with ease and concentrate fully on the action


Entertaining and challenging gameplay

A well-balanced difficulty curve keeps users engaged and motivated


User insights

We understand our targeted users and value every user is review, driving our continuous product optimization

Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle

Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle is a strategic and classic puzzle game that seamlessly blends engaging and challenging gameplay. Players engage in logical puzzle-solving while deciding their moves to overcome traffic obstacles and achieve victory.

Earning an impressive spot among the top 100 highest-grossing mobile games across 53 countries, including rankings of #50 in Japan, #150 in Germany, #80 in the United States, #150 in Great Britain, and #200 in South Korea, speaks volumes of its global appeal and revenue potential.

With more than 6000 meticulously designed levels, players are in for an endless array of challenges. The game is gradual difficulty curve ensures a rewarding experience that keeps players coming back for more, ensuring prolonged engagement.

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Traffic Jam Car Puzzle Match 3

Introducing the Advanced Edition: Traffic Jam Car Puzzle Match 3, a vibrant evolution of the beloved classic, Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle. This advanced version is tailored to captivate a younger audience, infusing the game with a youthful and colorful saga design that exudes vibrancy. The gameplay has been refined to offer a more relaxing experience, perfect for players seeking a soothing yet rewarding challenge.

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Solitaire journey of harvest

Solitaire Journey of Harvest masterfully fuses the serenity of Tripeak solitaire gameplay with the engaging allure of farm simulation. The gentle melodies and beautiful artworks become an integral part of the overall experience.

Solitaire Journey of Harvest artfully blends the therapeutic quality of Solitaire with an addictive gameplay loop. Users can construct houses and nurture crops as they progress through levels.

The game envelops users in a visually stunning landscape, where lush farms and charming cottages come to life through vivid graphics. This meticulous attention to detail enhances the overall immersion, creating an aesthetic marvel that appeals to gamers seeking an aesthetically pleasing experience.

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Animal Farm Jam

Animal Farm Jam features a unique 3D rendering approach, merging animal and farm themes with the classic unblock and parking game mechanics. This adorable game creates a fresh gameplay experience that appeals to both new and seasoned players. The incorporation of 3D visuals and farm simulation revitalizes the traditional concept, making it a wonderful gaming adventure.

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Factors influence app rankings on the Google Play Store

The Google Play Store app rankings are shaped by a range of influential factors. From user engagement to app quality, these elements collectively impact an app is visibility and success. Grasping these dynamics is vital for developers and marketers aiming to enhance their app is reach and appeal.

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Top 10 farm games for creative inspiration

The internet hosts a vast array of gaming categories catering to various preferences and time-killing pursuits. Among these categories, farming games stand out due to their diverse features and captivating options that maximize leisure time. These games are thoughtfully designed to emulate genuine farming experiences, encompassing a spectrum of tasks integral to agricultural life.